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Central Victoria Veterinary Hospital has been serving the pet owning residents of Victoria since 1974. Originally, six local veterinary clinics pooled their resources to build and equip the animal hospital. By amalgamating, they were able to provide higher quality equipment and resources than they could have independently. The idea caught on quickly and within a short time, seven more clinics joined the group. With thirteen clinics referring to the hospital for surgery, radiology and diagnostic work, the demand for after hour emergency services also grew rapidly. As a result, Central Victoria Veterinary Hospital responded and began providing twenty-four-hour emergency care for the surrounding community. Now, a veterinarian is present in the hospital at all times to attend to emergencies when they arise.

Central Victoria Veterinary Hospital continues to provide a well-equipped hospital to support the routine needs of the thirteen member clinics and their patients. In addition, the urgent care team is always standing by to assist any walk in emergencies that come through our doors, day or night. Hopefully you will never experience a crisis situation with your pet, but if the need ever arises, Central Victoria’s specialty and emergency doctors, nurses and client care team will be here to help.


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